October 17,
Toyo Exhibits Three Machines At JIMTOF 2000
The New Remote Maintenance System Is Also Revealed

Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd. will exhibit three machines including two new internal grinding machines at the 20th Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF 2000) to be held in Tokyo from October 28 through November 4. The company also will make demonstration of the newly developed remote maintenance system called "TOREMASY."

[ The Features of the Exhibits ]

The T-11L19 is one of the T-11L series internal grinding machines released last March. The machine to be introduced at the show is equipped with newly developed optional automatic NC swivel device of work spindle. It can grind die or optical parts, etc. that requires precision tapered bores with simple set-up changes.

Two hydro-bearing workheads and three wheelheads are newly installed on the popular T-10N series internal grinding machine. With this machine, efficient simultaneous grinding of seat, bore and end face is made possible for injection nozzles on engines, parts for fuel pumps, etc.

A popular CNC honing machine with enhanced rigidity that can accommodate super-abrasive stones. The show model is equipped with an optional function to improve perpendicularity of compressor parts, etc.

The "TOREMASY" is named after Toyo Remote Maintenance System, the software that Toyo has newly developed to improve customer care. When TOREMASY-installed PC is connected with TOYOMATIC-4000 CNC unit at customer's end, conditioned of the machine can be monitored at Toyo's headquarters in Japan. By communicating with each other over the phone viewing monitor screens that show the same data of the machine, the customer and Toyo can exchange correct and quick information about the machine. Depending on the nature of the trouble the machine may have, the trouble could be fixed on the spot only through telephone communications. Even when Toyo engineer needs to fix the machine at the customer's site, he can take an appropriate action much faster with detailed information on the machine at hand collected through "TOREMASY."

[ Specifications, Prices, Planned Sales Volume ]

Specifications: Base Machine, Highly-rigid Wheelhead, Automatic NC Swivel Device of Work Spindle, High-Frequency Rotary Dresser with Precision Acoustic Emission Sensor, Airless High-speed Wheelhead (GH187-029), Diaphragm Chuck
Price: Base machine (Manual load); 16,000,000 yen
Automatic NC Swivel; 4,500,000 yen
Rotary Dresser with AE Sensor; 1,500,000 yen
Planned Sales Volume: 40 units/year (including T-11L59 Auto-load type)

Specifications: Base Machine, Hydro-Bearing Spindle Workheads, 3-arm Loader, In & Out-Chute, High-Frequency Rotary Dresser with Precision AE Sensor, High-Frequency Wheelhead (HFD15-035), Hybrid Wheelhead (HFD10-06FC with Air Spindle), High-Frequency Wheelhead (HF02-48), Pneumatic Diaphragm Chuck
Price: 48,000,000 yen (with specifications on the displayed model)
Planned Sales Volume: 5units/year

Specifications: Base machine, Fixture (spring clump), Honing Tool
Price: 13,000,000 yen (as specified on the displayed model)
Planned Sales Volume: 10 units/year

Details such as price, sales commencement date, etc. are yet to be decided.