June 11,
Toyo's Award-winning Grinding Machine Is Exhibited in Our Lobby

The origin of the Toyo-brand internal grinding machine, the Model T-72 Internal Grinding Machine, is now exhibited in the main lobby of the headquarters of Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd. in Hiroshima. The Model T-72 Internal Grinding Machine has recently been recognized as a historically valuable machine by the Japanese Association of Recognizing Historically Valuable Machine Tools (JARHVMT).

T-72 Grinding Machine

Developed in 1941, the machine was the first domestically produced internal grinding machine. It was highly regarded, reaching a performance equivalent to and greater than the most advanced machines in the world of the time. It became the exemplary machine, with its high-speed wheelhead (38,000 rpm, which was an epoch-making speed at that time), high rigidity work spindle adopting tapered roller bearings, hydraulic feed unit realizing multi-cycle control, and an in-process gauge dramatically improving size accuracy.
With this historical engineering significance, the machine was presented with the "Best Technical Award" by JARHVMT. Toyo's president Katsuaki Yamamoto received the recognition plaque at a commendation ceremony on May 31, 2001.

In commemoration of this award, Toyo donated one Model T-72 Internal Grinding Machine to the Museum of Industrial Technology at the Nippon Institute of Technology (Saitama Prefecture). Together with another machine on exhibition at our headquarters, the machines had been in actual operation until April of this year.