April 24,
"Technical Training Center" Opens

Starting April 2002, Toyo Advanced Technologies opened its own "Technical Training Center". With craftsmanship skills at its core, the center aims to continue our tradition of high-quality technical skills.

The "Technical Training Center" is located in our machine tools plant No. 1, and is attended by both new employees and mid-career technicians. The center is equipped with lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and others. The instructors are selected from our most highly skilled technicians who are qualified as the National First Class Technicians for various types of machining processes. Students take leave of the production line to devote full attention to learning and receive nearly one to one guidance from the instructors.

The curriculum consists of a specified technical course in order for new employees to quickly master basic technical craftsmanship skills, a specified technical expertise course for mid-career employees, and two other courses. After completing these courses, the students will be well prepared to pass the Second Class (new employees) or the First Class (mid-career employees) National Technician Exam.