March 9,
Toyo Introduces New Internal Grinder

Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd. introduced into the market the new high precision internal grinding machine T-11L that has excellent value for money. The new machine superceded T-11KN, T-11C, and T-11N models that have been popular for machining gears and compressors. The new T-11L can do multiple work that have been done by each of the three machines.
The performance, function and ease of operation have dramatically improved compared with succeeding models: the cycle time has been cut down by 40%, the size accuracy has been reached within 0.01mm, and the newly developed dialog-type CNC "TOYOMATIC-4000"has been adopted as standard equipment. In spite of all these improvements and others, the standard price of the new machine is lower than any one of the three superceding models.