August 26,
TOYO started supplying JATCO with CVT oil pumps

TOYO Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd., Hiroshima based, started to produce CVT oil pumps to deliver to JATCO that specializes in automobile transmissions. This is the first time for TOYO to supply automobile parts to other automobile companies but Mazda. They held a ceremony today to commemorate the first shipment of CVT oil pumps.

TOYO has built two new production lines in No.2 factory to deal with a new business with JATCO. Oil pumps made on these two lines are exclusively supplied to JATCO. One line handles oil pumps used on small size FWD cars whose engine is 1,500cc class, and the other is for big size FWD cars whose engine is 3,000cc class. The line for small size FWD cars has the production capacity of 13,000 units per month, and the line for big size FWD cars is able to produce 5,600 units per month. TOYO plans to produce 10,000 units a month for the time being, then increase production gradually.

TOYO began developing an oil pump of the automatic transmission for Mazda in 1984, making the best use of hydraulic technology and production technology they had acquired through making machine tools for a long time. In the following year TOYO started mass-producing a new product, and entered automobile parts industry. Currently it has three production lines of oil pumps that are totally sold to Mazda, and produces approximately 500,000 units annually. The total production has reached 8.4 millions so far, and the products are said to have high reputation in regards to performance, reliability and price.

Mr. Yamamoto, president of TOYO, is quoted as saying, "We have three core businesses. They are machine tool business, surface coating business and automobile parts business. Among these, machine tool business is the most important business, and accounts for 70% of total sales. Our domestic market share of our main product, that is, an internal grinder is around 40%. Since machine tool business fluctuates due to the economic up-and-down, we need to strengthen the other two businesses to make the management firm. I am very happy to have made a good start to expand our business to automobile parts industry tying up together with JATCO."