January 9,

Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd. has got QS 9000 certification, which is the quality management system created by Big Three in US automobile industry. We have also acquired ISO 9001 certification in automobile parts production division along with QS 9000.

We have three business cores, that is, machine tool production (No. 1 in sales), hard-coating, and automotive parts manufacturing. We have already got ISO 9001 certification in machine tool division in April, 1999, and hard coating division in February, 2002. We now have got certified ISO 9001 in all three business fields.

We started to mass-produce oil pumps of auto transmission for Mazda in February, 1985, and entered auto parts industry for the first time. We have expanded our business by starting to supply JATCO with oil pumps for CVT (continuous variable transmission) in June, 2002. Management considers it necessary to get QS 9000 certification to expand business further. TOYO started preparation for certification in December, 2001, and get certified by JAPAN ASSURANCE ORGANIZATION.

We have been promoting quality improvement activity within the company in order to satisfy customers more. QS 9000 and ISO 9001 are considered as key steps for improving customer satisfaction.