September 6,
New Development of High-performance CNC Internal Grinding Machine, T - 11JA
- Exhibition of Successor Machine of the CNC Internal Grinding Machine T - 11J at Chicago Show -

Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd. has developed a high-performance, general-use CNC internal grinding machine, T-11JA, and will exhibit it at Chicago Show to be held in the US (September 8 to 15).

  T-11JA is a successor of T-11J machine that has acquired a favorable reputation because of high machining accuracy and easy operation since it made a debut in 1988. Functions have been enhanced to handle broader variety of work. This new machine enables multi-face grinding and external grinding, which were difficult on T-11J. Furthermore, it can handle a workpiece whose OD is up to 350mm and ID is up to 170mm. If a main spindle whose maximum speed is 1200rpm is installed (user's option), T-11JA can grind as small as 1.5mm ID. Those features make T-11JA more suitable for wide range of applications.
  We will put the new machine into market this coming November, and plan to sell 60 units a year mainly in markets relating to automobile components, dies and general machines.


  Features of T - 11JA
1. Broad Variety of Uses
* By enhancing the function of "TOYOMATIC-4000," which is our own CNC control unit, not only conventional internal and edge processing, but also the following types of processing can be performed: (1) Multi-face grinding (up to 8 faces); (2) External grinding; (3) Taper grinding; (4) Processing of internal radius.
* In addition to the teaching function, in which programming can be easily made by operating the machine, a memory can keep 39 processing patterns. Therefore tools change for a different workpiece can be made easily.
* Big workpiece can be ground on new T-11JA by extending the grinding wheel infeed travel (X axis) from 100 mm to 110 mm, and max. outside diameter of a workpiece that can be loaded on chucking devices is designed bigger from 230mm to 350mm.
* A main spindle (max. 1200rpm) which is 1.5 times faster than conventional one is available as an option. Small inside diameter (down to 1.5mm) can be ground by this main spindle.
2. Advanced Functions
* Stable movement has been realized even during high-load grinding by a large-sized bed, wider span of "V and Flat" guides and the adoption of a linear guide.
* The maximum travel speed of the table has been increased by 50%, from the conventional travel of 10 m/min to 15 m/min in order to reduce processing time.
* Fine processing has been realized by obtaining a minimum resolution of Z-axis (moving direction of the table) of 0.1 μm, and that of X-axis (direction of grinding wheel infeed) of 0.2 μm.
3. Various Options and Others
* Various kinds of chucking devices, dressers and wheelheads are available to cope with any kind of applications.
* Short delivery time and low price has been achieved by limiting the number of options available on this machine.